Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools -26(2023)

Journal of the Krishnamurti Schools -2023


On Founding a New school- Gianni Garubo

Challanges and Opportunities at young KFI School -G Gautama

A Kaleidoscope of Reflections-Indus Chadha

Studying and Teaching History with my Students-Parikshit Sharma

The Hungry Tide and the Country Within -Mallika Asirvatham

Child-centred Education-Uncovering Assumptions -Rhythm Parikh

W(hole)istic Education -Lionel Claris

The role of Imagination in Perception -Nina Mecagni

Integrating Krishnamurti’s Teachings with the Syllabus -Meena G

A Living and Learning space – Vaishnavi Narayanan

Walks with Mina – Rajani Jooju

Breathing Life into th eClassroom – Sangeetha M

Honesty, Trust and Cooperation – Jenner J Prince

Performance in Schools – A Critical Examination-Prashanth Narasimhan

An Immersive Experience in Rural Rajasthan- Sanjay Mathur

Connecting to Self and the World in the Time of Covid – Bhaveen Sawlani & Sumitra M Gauthama

On Being a Young Teacher – Manisha Koppala

Teacher-Student Relationships as a  Factor of Socialization-V Arun

Book Review-How Mistaken can work for you -Sunanda Ali