Journal of the K Schools-25 Special Issue

On the 125th anniversary of Krishnamurti’s birth, it was thought fitting that a special issue of the Journal be brought out with contributions invited from persons whose lives and outlook have been deeply affected by his teachings. We have here a collection of eighteen articles from persons who have in their own unique ways engaged deeply with the teachings. Our authors come from varied fields of endeavour-education, academic philosophy, traditional religious teachings, management of organisations, concern with the natural environment. A common theme that recurs implicitly or explicitly across these writings is that all of them have seen that ” the inner always overcomes the outer’ and that “what you are within, you bring about outwardly. “Though their fields of endeavour in the outer world differ, each of them appears to share in the insight that if we wish to bring about order in the outer world, it is of much greater and fundamental importance to establish order in the world of our inner experience, rather than simply aim to find solutions to ‘fix’ the problems in the outer world.