Krishnamurti Foundation India has its headquarters at Vasanta Vihar, 124-126 Greenways Road, R A Puram, Chennai 600028. Situated on a ground of 6½ acres, on a peaceful and tree filled setting, is the main building where Krishnaji lived during his visits to Chennai. He gave his first talk on the lawns of Vasanta Vihar in 1936, as well as his last talk in 1986. A few thousand people would attend the talks and morning discussions.

Vasanta Vihar Study Centre

Vasanta Vihar has a study centre which is open to guests on the campus and visitors from the city. It has a complete range of Krishnamurti’s works including a large collection of DVDs, MP3s and Audio CDs, select books on religion, philosophy, psychology, science etc., as also the bulletins and newsletters of the Krishnamurti Foundations.

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Other Centres

In addition to the Study Centre at Vasanta Vihar, there are Krishnamurti Study Centres run by Krishnamurti Foundation India at Rajghat, Uttarkashi, Sahyadri, Bangalore, Rishi Valley, Mumbai, Kolkata and Cuttack. These centres reach out to various schools, colleges and the general public through programmes and dialogues during the year.

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KFI also has six schools across India that endeavour to educate children based on Krishnamurti’s teachings. To Krishnamurti, the schools were a milieu in which the larger existential issues could be explored in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. Over the years, these schools have grown into Education Centres that reach out to the community around them and the environment in socially responsible ways.

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