The Urgency of Change

A new edition of a fifty-year-old classic by J Krishnamurti. The topics in this book range from conditioning and awareness, fear and God, to morality and art, suffering and seeking.  The dialogues here sparkle with a crispness and clarity that would be the delight of any reader who seeks to deepen his understanding of Krishnamurti’s teachings; and the art of inquiry through the medium of dialogue finds its finest expression in many passages. The falsehood behind lofty ideals is exposed in statements such as: ‘Forgiveness comes only after you have accumulated rancour; forgiveness is resentment.’ Art is redefined as the absence of the ‘me’. A discussion on the ethics of suicide becomes an occasion for reflecting on right living. A question about fer turns into a discussion on dependence. The question ‘How am I to live in this world?’ turns into ‘How am I to change?’  Thus, to the discerning reader, every chapter presents new insights.

ISBN: 978-81-87326-90-8