Revolution From within

The Revolution from Within is the second in the series titled `Selections from the Decades’ and consists of twenty-three public talks that Krishnamurti gave between 1952 and 1959. Whereas in the 1940s, Krishnamurti had to address a variety of contemporary social and political issues, here his focus is primarily, if not solely, on a radical change in the mind and heart of every human being. What brings about such a change is not knowledge or reason, not new ideas or ideals, or the pursuit of some religious goals; nor does it come about through effort and will. It is only in understanding ourselves completely that this transformation takes place. However, throughout these talks, Krishnamurti seems to be suggesting that this attempt to change oneself is not a mere psychological exercise but a religious act; it is not just a matter of digging into oneself endlessly, but also remaining open to that which he calls Truth or Reality. `Transformation is not brought about by the mind. Transformation…is in the hands of Reality, not within the sphere of the mind,’ he says.


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