Naam Peravendiya Maatram – Urgency of Change

In this book Krishnamurti goes more deeply into the psychological problems of living peacefully in a violent world than in any of his previous writings; therefore it presents a greater challenge to our understanding than ever before. The questions he answers are asked for the most part by those who have already, unsuccessfully, sought wisdom from many teachers and philosophers in many parts of the world.

The problems they go into may seem far removed from the everyday ones that most of us are faced with, but as we read on we discover that the answers to our personal problems are contained in these more remote ones. This book then is for all who have psychological difficulties in their own lives as well as for those who long to find a synthesis between the potential beauty of life and the brutal mess mankind has made of living.

You may buy this book from leading bookstores in Tamil Nadu or order it from the publisher, Narmadha Pathipagam, 10 Nana Street, Pondy Bazar, T.Nagar, Chennai—600 017.