Meeting Life

“We have spent a great deal of energy in attempts to solve our problems – intellectual energy, emotional energy, physical energy – and all this energy… has not in any way resolved our human psychological problems. We are concerned to find out if there is a different kind of energy which will, if we can tap it, resolve our problems.” – says Krishnamurti in this book.

The contents of Meeting Life has been taken from the Krishnamurti foundation Bulletins. They consist of three parts. The first section contains sixteen short pieces dictated by Krishnamurti; each piece starts with a graphic description of nature and goes into a profound examination of life. Part II contains Krishnamurti’s answers to questions put to him at the end of his talks or at small discussions. Part III consists of talks by Krishnamurti in Switzerland, India, England, and California. The variety of materials makes this an eminently readable book.