Krishnamurti’s Notebook

“I wrote it (Krishnamurti’s Notebook) as a diary while I was traveling…but I did not write it for publication. I describe what I call the process-my sensation of being outside the ordinary world, of being completely at peace and removed from conflict. This happens only from time to time and clearly it is impossible to describe to anybody who has not experienced it.”

“But I have attempted to put into words the actual pain and sensation which goes with the heightened consciousness. It is not intended in a romantic way; if you lead a certain type of disciplined, quiet life, you release a kind of energy – that’s a scientific fact – and this affects the non-mechanical part of your brain so that you enter into a new dimension. The physical organism is incapable of meeting it and so you get the pain. I am not suggesting that everyone should try to attain this, but it may be of interest to some people who have followed my thoughts and ideas to know what happens on a more personal level.”

– J.Krishnamurti (interview with The Guardian)