Krishnamurti for Beginners

The best introduction to Krishnamurti is Krishnamurti himself—his books, video and audio recordings—and not interpreters and commentators. It is in this spirit that this book is being presented.

As the title of the book itself indicates, Krishnamurti for Beginners is meant primarily for those unacquainted with his teachings. The problems of daily living that confront every human being and Krishnamurti’s original approach to them, as well as his timeless vision of life and the sacred, form the basis of the selections. However, no single volume like this can hope to capture the depth and the width of the teachings that he imparted to the world for more than sixty years.

The Anthology comprises a variety of genres that Krishnamurti employed to communicate his message—public talks, answers to questions, writings, interviews, diaries, dictations, letters, dialogues, and discussions—and ranges over the period from 1948 to 1983.

An Introduction presents an overview of Krishnamurti’s extraordinary life and mission as the World Teacher.