KFI Weekend Residential Retreat Dec 2017

Theme : Why Are We Frightened To Be Nothing?

“To be consciously anything is not to be free. If I am conscious that I am non-greedy, beyond anger, surely I am not free from greed, anger. Humility is something of which you cannot be conscious. To cultivate humility is to cultivate self-expansion negatively. Therefore any virtue that is deliberately cultivated, practised, lived, is obviously not virtue. It is a form of resistance; it is a form of self-expansion, which has its own gratification. But it is no longer virtue. Virtue is merely a freedom in which you discover the real. Without virtue, there can be no freedom. Virtue is not an end in itself. Now, it is not possible by deliberate, conscious effort to be as nothing, because then it is another achievement. Innocence is not the result of careful cultivation. To be as nothing is essential. As a cup is useful only when it is empty, so only when one is as nothing is it possible to receive the grace of God, or Truth, or what you will.”

Date : 29 – 31 December 2017