J. Krishnamurti Gujarat Gathering (English & Hindi)

Date: 13th – 16th February 2020

The way each one of us lives contributes to the current state of the world crisis. The crisis which we are facing at every level of our existence – whether economic, environmental, climate change, growing fundamentalism and divisions – is the outcome of certain way of our daily living. Unless we deeply explore and question this way of living we will continue on the path of self-destruction. Why do we fail to see that this self-centred way of living has created enormous suffering in the world and our beautiful planet is under a constant threat due to this? There is a great urgency to look into ourselves, learn and bring about a fundamental change. The question is: is there an art of living which is not destructive and contradictory? Is there a completely different way of living? In this Gathering we are going to explore together the following fundamental questions related to our overall theme “The Art of Living”:

1. Freedom from conditioning.
2. The root cause of conflict.
3. The learning mind & The Art of listening.
4. The movement of thought and becoming.
5. The problem of hurt.