Interactive Programmes in Chennai


At the request of local colleges, University Departments and institutions of higher learning such as the IIT & Engineering colleges, KFI has organised video shows of Krishnamurti’s talks on themes of contemporary relevance followed by discussions for students. These have been held either at our Headquarters, Vasanta Vihar on Greenways Road or at the concerned institution. They can be arranged on any day mutually convenient. The duration could be an hour or two or even longer, the interactions can be in English or Tamil.

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On Education

Special programmes on Krishnamurti’s vision of education will be offered this year for students and staff of colleges of education in Chennai. These will aim at introducing participants to J Krishnamurti’s unique approach to education and its implications for learning and life at school. It is desirable to allot a morning of 3 to 4 hours at Vasanta Vihar where students can have access to relevant study material, video clippings of good discussions Krishnamurti had with students followed by a question and answer session. These sessions could be bilingual – both English and Tamil. We would be happy to donate a set of basic books and booklets or MP3’s and DVD’s for the college library if you so desire.

We would also be glad to offer thematic discussions for school students on issues like their relationship to nature and the earth, to people, to their peers; ideas about careers, achievement, success; about what is happening in the world outside; wars, violence, corruption, poverty and so on. The intention is to help them to think, to enquire and feel responsible and caring.

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Perspectives on Environment

Since Krishnamurti has written and spoken much on Man’s relationship to Nature, we could offer special programmes for environmental groups  interested in exploring this theme in depth in Krishnamurti’s perspectives.

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For Management Professionals

We would like to offer tailor-made programmes for professionals from Corporate Houses or in the field of Management on issues that are of value to them. We could also offer interactive sessions for environmental groups, social workers, or other NGO’s in Chennai.

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