Intent of Study Centres


Krishnamurti felt that there were people who, because of the distractions of occupation, family, or other factors, found it difficult to spare time to take a pause and reflect on their lives.

He therefore wanted to set up centres where people could go in order to take a retreat from their daily routine of office and home.

Set in places of natural beauty and serenity, the study centres provide an environment conducive for studying and reflecting upon existential questions which Krishnamurti raised in his talks, writings and dialogues.

So, it contains a comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teachings in the form of books, audio and video recordings

Krishnamurti stated explicitly that he was leaving behind a ‘sacred treasure’, ‘a mine where there is immense gold’ ‘a wellspring that can never go dry’. He made it clear that those who come out of their own seriousness should be soaked in the teachings, intellectually and otherwise, so that by the depth of their own understanding and quality of life,   they transmit it to others.

Help us maintain the spirit of the place.

Visitors are requested to use the place only for study and reflection.

Kindly avoid the use of mobile phones and laptops inside The Study (library)

Also, refrain from using the Study for doing personal work.

If I went to The Study, first of all, I would want to be quiet, not bring problems there: my household problems, business preoccupations, and so on. And also I think I would want what K says to be entirely part of my life, not just that I have studied K and I repeat what he says. Rather, in the very studying of it, I am really absorbing it; not bits of it here and there, not only just what suits me…
If I went there to study what K is saying, I would want to investigate it, question it, doubt it; not just read something and then go away.
A Study centre has become a necessity
because that is the place where the treasure is.
From that treasure you can draw your strength,
you can draw your energy,
you can draw your sustenance, nourishment, and son on.
I don’t know how to put it, but here is something that is sacred,
and from that everything flows.
J. Krishnamurti