Fortnightly Video Screening at VV

Title : Authority is destructive, conversation with Huston Smith at Claremont College, California – 1968.

Date & Time : 1 April 2018, Sunday 6pm
“Authority is evil. Authority destroys, authority perverts, authority corrupts; and a man who follows authority, is destroying himself, and destroying also that which he has placed in a position of authority. The follower destroys the master, as the master destroys the follower. The guru destroys the pupil, as the pupil destroys the guru. Through authority you will never find anything. You must be free of authority to find reality. It is one of the most difficult things to be free of authority, both the outer and the inner. Inner authority is the consciousness of experience, consciousness of knowledge. And outward authority is the State, the party, the group, the community. A man who would find reality must shun all authority, external and inward.” – Banaras 5th Public Talk 20th February 1949 The Collected Works Vol. VI