VASANTA VIHAR, the home of J. Krishnamurti, is a Retreat and Study Centre, the spirit and intention of which is best spelt out in his own words:

Don’t you want to go away sometimes to be quiet and take stock of things? Don’t you want to do that some time, don’t you want to be quiet, don’t you want to know more of yourself?. . . .   It is essential sometimes to go to retreat, to stop everything you have been doing. You would then let in fresh air into your minds. . . .That is why it is good to take a retreat, to go away, and to stop the routine—not only the routine of outward existence, but the routine the mind establishes for its own safety and convenience.

I realize that there is something here which is totally different from my home, totally different from going to a discussion. I not only read the books, but listen to the videos, to the tapes. I would be sensitive enough to receive; and at lunch, or while walking, or sitting round together in the sitting room, I would like to discuss. I would say, ‘Look, I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that, let’s talk about it.


*Vasanta Vihar exists for the sole purpose of enabling people to stay here to study Krishnamurti’s Teachings by using the library (The Study), or taking  part in retreats and dialogues, or engaging in informal conversations or quiet reflection.

Therefore, we expect guests not to use the place for doing official or personal work, including Work From Home, sight-seeing in the city, or attending programmes such as yoga classes, music concerts, lectures, or social get-togethers. Your presence on the campus during your stay, and punctuality at all meals, are expected.

Laptops and mobile phones may be used only inside your rooms—not in The Study, Retreat venues, Dining Hall, and other common areas—and that too only sparingly, for essential work such as for booking tickets or taxis.

*Guests, especially those coming from abroad, are expected to stay for at least three nights and not use the place as a transit point for other destinations. [This restriction on three nights does not apply to programme participants.]

*You should leave your mobile phone in your room and use it only there, and nowhere outside such as the library, the dining hall, and the garden, and during programmes.


*Confirmation of accommodation depends on the availability of guest rooms.

Kindly note the following guidelines:

* Single/Double non-AC rooms with attached bath are provided

* Guests are requested to bring their own towel and soap.

* Clothes such as shorts or mini-skirts outside your room are considered inappropriate at Vasanta Vihar.

* Safeguard your passport, money and other valuables, and lock your room during your absence.

* Switch off lights, water heaters, and fans when you are not using them.

* Be present at all meals.

Overseas Guests:  Our main gate closes at 10 p.m. and opens only by 5 am. And so if you are landing at Chennai airport by a late-night flight, kindly make suitable arrangements till you check in here in the morning.

Dining Hall Timings

Please be punctual so that you do not inconvenience the Dining Hall staff.

Morning tea            06:00
Breakfast                 08:15
Forenoon tea          10:30
Lunch                       01:00
Evening tea             03:30
Dinner                      07:30

Tariff: Rs. 750 per night, per head (including food)
Payment can be made on arrival or anytime during the stay.