What is Life all About?

These five talks have been chosen mainly in order to introduce Krishnamurti’s teachings to those not previously acquainted with it. The wide range of human issues that he usually dwelt upon in his talks, writings, and dialogues are to be found in this series too, and while going into each of them, he shows carefully how they are all interrelated.

In fact, in the last talk, in response to a listener’s query, he says: “There is no ‘one problem’ and ‘other problems’. All human problems are interrelated. And when I understand one problem completely, I have understood all problems.” Even as he explores the psychological issues of authority, violence, pleasure, fear, sorrow, thought and time, he also emphasizes the importance of asking the larger questions that man has asked for millennia: What do we live for? Is there a meaning to life at all? What is it all about?

  1. Fear and the network of escapes.
  2. Thought, the root cause of all our problems.
  3. The dictates of pleasure and the burden of sorrow.
  4. This light in oneself.
  5. What is life all about?