1982 Brockwood Park (B&W)

Sub-titles: English, Vietnamese.
Audio: Italian


1. What can we do in this world? (28 August) 75 min.
2. What has happened to mankind (29 August) 74 min.
3. The intelligence which brings order and peace. (4 September) 62 min.
4. The beauty of death as part of life. (5 September) 81 min.

Question and Answer Meetings

(No audio in Italian)

1. On group consciousness and individual consciousness; change in group consciousness; violence and right action; how compassion acts; lack of meaning and inner rage. (31 August) 83 min.
2. Marriage as positive force; security and insecurity; brain, mind and consciousness; intervening in aggression; awareness that meets problems; feel of the immeasurable at K’s talks. ( 2 September) 83 min.